Our team


Rachel Calderon

CEO/Founder & Creative Media STrategist

Rachel is the CEO of AARKS Digital Designs, CMO of Foresight Strategies Group , Producer & Host of Marketing Whisperer Podcast and Producer &  Co-Host of a Live Stream Talk Show called Foresight Strategies Show, following a successful career as a finance manager in the corporate world. Rachel has always loved two things, technology and creating, so merging the two through digital design was a natural fit.

Her knowledge base has allowed her to expand into all areas of marketing such as strategic positioning (branding), media platforms (social media, podcasting, video), public relations (featuring you on magazines, podcasts, radio, tv, speaking platforms), and digital (websites, v-cards, blogs). She uses innovative approaches to helping each client be positioned in the best light.

Rachel has the talent to take you, your business and strategically and creatively catapult your platform to higher level using a series of models.

She is a native New Yorker who has learned much of her craft from Full Sail University a BA candidate in online marketing. But Rachel has also been trained by top marketers such as Joel Bauer, Ray Higdon, Dustin Mathews, Dave Vanhoose, Emerson Brandtley, and many more.

She has had a passion for marketing for many years and continues to perfect her techniques continuously.

Kathryn Calderon

Sr. Art Director & Graphic Designer

Kathryn is a seasoned graphic artist and visionary. She has worked in many projects including but not limited to global projects. Her proficiencies are in logo design, brand identity packaging, digital design, print design, app design, social media design, advertisement and mailers, brand identity collateral, newsletters, magazine layout and design. She earned her bachelors in Graphic and Web Design and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Art Institute of Atlanta. She is currently a candidate in Media Design Master of Fine Arts from Full Sail University expected graduation date May 2019.

Her expertise has earned her a position as co-Host of Marketing Whisperer Podcast . Here she shares her knowledge of creative design and her marketing tips. Kathryn is a continuous learner in her craft looking across industry norms for new forms of perfecting her creative arts skills. She merges her passion for traditional art with graphic arts as it stimulates her creativity and adds a special spark to all that she does.

Kathryn is an avid reader with special interest in art history and books to provoke her imagination and better articulate customer’s vision. This process has made her a Master of her craft.

Samantha Calderon

Visual Media Designer

Samantha is an Honor H.S. student with aspirations and a love for the arts. She is a performing arts student whom brings her drama and script writing experience to creating ideas for visual media. Since being introduced to acting in 4th grade she has won local awards for her work. This has energized her interest into passion for the arts spending countless hours studying the craft and the process.

She, but a teen, has dedicated a lot of time to studying and creating screen writing and production. Sam recognizes that by controlling the production she has more influence on the outcome. As a result, she is in charge of all visual and audio media production of shows produced by the team.

Her dream is to earn her bachelors in Digital Cinematography and her masters in Film Production. She has enthusiasm and commitment to her skill and a great asset to the team.

Partner with Foresight Strategies Group

Dr. Nilda Perez

Business Foresight Strategist

Dr. Nilda Perez is an expert futurist, entrepreneur, talk show host, multi-book author and foresight strategist. She delves into the trends that shape the future. Her aim is to prepare entrepreneurs and organizations to become thought leaders. She works with those who desire to create breakthrough ideas, initiatives and implement proven business strategies to catapult their business.

Dr. Perez has more than six years’ experience in foresight strategies and holds a Doctorate of Global Business & Strategic Foresight, a MSW in Clinical Social Work and a BS in Social Science. She is a Certified Coach specializing in Business Strategies, Executive and Professional Coaching. She is also an active member of the Association of Professional Futurist.