Ancient Egyptian Art and the Hieroglyphics of Today


Ancient Egyptian Art and the Hieroglyphics of Today

Ancient Egyptian Art in Today’s World

Web Design, Graphic Arts, Graffiti and many other arts are a lot like Ancient Egyptian Art. Ancient Egyptian art was viewed from the standpoint of the Egyptians to understand it. Just like an Egyptian’s art the artists of today can only be viewed from the artist point of view. Hieroglyphics are like design, they need to be deciphered in a way for everyone to understand. Hieroglyphics is not just design, art in general could be considered hieroglyphics if you think about it. Graffiti can be both words and pictures or just words. Not many people understand it but to those creating wall murals, it’s telling their story. Hieroglyphics are stories for the ancient Egyptians but also for us. Since deciphering them we now know how they lived and thought. The same will go for us centuries from now and people will see all the art we made on walls, computers, canvas, and other surfaces. In many ways, we are like the ancient Egyptians because our art is unique to us and without even thinking we have coded our work.

What Hieroglyphics and Ancient Egyptian Art Teach Us Today:

Ancient Egyptian Art teaches us to understand things that are different and not necessarily something we might know about. With Web Design, it’s all about coding (html or css) which can be considered hieroglyphics. Someone who’s not a web designer may not understand all the back end work but they can learn. It also teaches us to preserve all the art we do today. No matter what kind of art it is it will teach later generations of the world we have today. Ancient Egyptian Art is paintings, sculptures, and was both highly stylized and symbolic much like today.

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