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List Building for Your Business

What Will List Building Do For Your Business? List Building  is when a company sends a saleable message to a group of people by use of electronic email or direct mail. Through the use of ads, requests for business, sales, and donations, or any email communication would be considered email marketing. If it helps to

The Purpose of A Blog

The Purpose of a Blog: Business or Personal? A blog is an online journal that can be used in a variety of ways.  The purpose of a blog can be for personal and business use. We are going to focus more on the business end. So why does your business need a blog? Blogging keeps


Ancient Egyptian Art and the Hieroglyphics of Today

Ancient Egyptian Art in Today’s World Web Design, Graphic Arts, Graffiti and many other arts are a lot like Ancient Egyptian Art. Ancient Egyptian art was viewed from the standpoint of the Egyptians to understand it. Just like an Egyptian’s art the artists of today can only be viewed from the artist point of view. Hieroglyphics


Is Social Media the Ultimate Lead Magnet for businesses?

Increasing your lead magnet through social media has taken over the business world. What was originally a way for people to stay in touch personally has now become a way for big businesses to connect to the masses. With such a large percent of the people using social media, it’s not surprising that companies large


How Can Google Alerts Help You & Your Business?

Do you know what others are saying about you? Do you know what others are talking about? What are the latest trends in your industry?  If you have a business you should be monitoring what is being said or mentioned about you, your business and what is happening around you. Knowing what is being said,

The Importance of Your Customer Base

  We tend to live in a world where we are ignored. Our needs are not met at work, at play or at home. So we aren’t going to gravitate towards a product or service from a company that doesn’t listen to our needs and desires. Marketing should be based on this simple concept. You