The Importance of Your Customer Base

The Importance of Your Customer Base


We tend to live in a world where we are ignored. Our needs are not met at work, at play or at home. So we aren’t going to gravitate towards a product or service from a company that doesn’t listen to our needs and desires. Marketing should be based on this simple concept. You have a great product or service, but without sales, it is of no use. So when coming up with a product or service it must satisfy the consumer’s needs.

So how can you best capture the needs of your customers

1) Ask questions through emails, surveys, and or client feedback. Inquire how you can best be the supply that the people are demanding. Take it in, figure out how to mold your company for your consumer. Authentically listen to the needs and wants your customers to have.
2) Keep in contact with your customer base. This involves the initial act of getting as much customer information as possible. If you have a website, make sure the customer has to sign up for the information you need to stay in touch with them.
3) Turn a complaint into a positive outcome. If a customer isn’t happy or thinks something should be revamped. Do it! Your business is your own but without the consumer, your business is obsolete. Take their words and change your thought process.
4) Show customers your appreciation for their feedback. When you receive feedback from a customer, if possible, offer them something free in return. They are giving you free advice on how to keep them as a consumer of your business. You can view it as unwanted or take the opportunity to better your business. At the very least, thank them.

Your customers are your most valuable asset. Your product or service is secondary to the people willing to buy into what you’re selling. Listen to their needs, change what is necessary and be willing to adapt your business to the consumer. This is the single most important marketing strategy and will bump your business to a higher level of interest and sales.

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