How Can Google Alerts Help You & Your Business?


How Can Google Alerts Help You & Your Business?

Do you know what others are saying about you? Do you know what others are talking about? What are the latest trends in your industry?  If you have a business you should be monitoring what is being said or mentioned about you, your business and what is happening around you. Knowing what is being said, both positive and negative, is the first step to managing how you can make the proper changes for you and your business.

Google Alerts is a free content monitoring service offered by Google that automatically notifies users when new content from news, web, blogs, video and/or discussion groups selected by the user. Google Alerts allows you to set up alerts you’d like on as many topics as you’d like.  Using Google Alerts is a great way to track your brand name, your domain name, any product names, etc… You can tell the alert how often you want it (daily, weekly, or as it happens) either by email or RSS.

Google Alerts makes it easy to track mentions and listen in on conversations taking place about you, your company and/or your products, and what is trending on the web. If it is distinctive enough it will be tracked using this simple tool. Remember anything that is mentioned online is connected to you and your company, you can immediately view someone giving you positive feedback, asking a question about you or your product, or even someone taking shots at your brand.  Being able to spot these mentions quickly means you can respond by asking them to remove it or taking legal actions if need be. Today small miscommunications can become a big online reputation nightmare. Knowing how you’re being viewed online is important and these findings can make or break your name or business reputation if you are not aware.

Here Are 8 Steps:
1. Go to
2. Create a free Google account
3. Enter the search terms you want Google to track
4. Select the types of result you want Google to find for you
5. Select how often you want to receive these alerts via email
6. Select how many results you want
7. Choose how you want to receive it
8. Click create and you are done!

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